IWB D5520

Interactive Whiteboard

The perfect fit for your office


  • Convenient 55 inch screen

  • Impress with 1920 x 1080 HD resolution

  • Connect via multiple USB ports and Bluetooth

  • Work in the cloud and use your preferred apps with our Windows® 10 controller

Speed up collaboration across your teams and offices

One tool that provides all you need to achieve aligned teams and offices, no matter where they are. Provide the ability to edit and annotate across locations, then share and distribute easily.

Connect and collaborate in person or across locations

Real time collaboration across different office locations is no longer a challenge. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the same office or continent, Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboards offer a variety of ways to come together, discuss, agree and share outcomes. Easily connect via Bluetooth or different media. Add Ricoh Streamline NX for card-based authentication to limit device access and keep information secure.

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